Light it up
    Remote control for your switches, lights, and more.  Engen is gateway software for Windows, Linux, and OSX.  Install it on your computer or buy a hardware package with the Raspberry Pi or Intel NUC.    
One App Pulls everything together with an integrated web app.
Kid Stuff Suitable for all ages.  Pro quality.
  • Engen is a software server, in an easy-to-install package. 
  • It provides Z-Wave control from Windows, Linux, and OSX. 
  • It has a REST interface.
  • It's easily controlled from other applications, even from a browser. 
  • Simple URL's can turn lights on and off or set scenes. 
  • Panel is Engen's companion web app.  It runs in any browser on any device.
  • It can talk to Engen to control the lights and switches from your phone, tablet, or computer. 



A Trial version of Engen is available on the JRiver forum.