One Remote Manages All Your Devices

OneRemote is a fully customizable menu app for Android. Its ultimate goal is to provide consistent setup and control for all kinds of devices.

In OneRemote, you can set up a colorful tree of items (buttons) in much the same way that you might set up a tree structure of folders on a computer. You can name them and arrange them as you like. You can add photos to the buttons.

There are several types of items:


These are containers for other items.  Each Category can contain:


These are second level and beyond. They are containers for adding other types of items, including categories.


Reserved for future



Used to open web pages or any valid URL.  The browser can optionally be hidden.


Switches are a special type of Link. They can be used with the JRiver Engen server to control Z-Wave switches, scenes, and outlets. To emulate a switch, setup requires two URL's (on and off).


The search button in OneRemote is used to find SSDP devices.  Click to execute or press and hold to save as a button.

Save and Load

In the setup section, you can save your configuration, including photos.  Save locally or the the cloud.





Portable Configurations

The menu you design can be saved or moved to another phone or tablet.  You can save the entire menu or just a branch to the local device, to the local LAN, or to the Cloud.

  On another tablet or phone, you can download the complete configuration or just a branch.  Once it is installed, the functionality is identical to that of the original device.  

Questions?  Please visit the JRiver forum to learn more or ask questions.  A full featured trial version is available there.